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What can Physical Therapy do for you?

Physical therapists are experts in human movement.  They can provide a wide range of services from rehabilitation to sport specific exercise routines to injury prevention. Whether you are a high performance athlete looking to get an edge, a businessman who likes to play basketball in his spare time, or a retiree looking to reverse the aging process, a physical therapist can help you.  A physical therapist can help devise a program with specific exercises and modalities to help you heal from an injury, reduce the risk of future injury, or to gain an edge in performance for your activity/sport of choice. 


If you have or are worried about any of the following, physical therapy can help:

  • Minor injuries

  • Surgery

  • Frequent falls/balance 

  • Poor posture

  • Pain with specific activities/tasks (i.e. bench press, squats, gardening, reaching, etc.)


Do you have trouble with certain activities or just want to get better at your sport/hobby? You don’t have to be injured to see a physical therapist.  If you just want to improve performance at a specific task or sport PT can help.  Something as simple as learning how to work out properly at the gym to something complex like playing high school baseball or improving your golf score.  Physical therapists can assess your body’s strengths and weaknesses and build an exercise program that will help you.

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